MiVT: Maxine Davis Glass Art

NORTH FERRISBURGH, Vt. (WCAX) One is just not enough for this glass artist, a colorful woman whose colorful pieces are Made in Vermont.

At 81, Maxine Davis is asvibrant as ever. "You can't just sit in a chair and wait," Davis said.

And it's reflected in her various glass creations. "These I call the wavy story boards," Davis said.

Reporter Scott Fleishman: Every piece has its story.
Maxine Davis: For me, it has a story, yes... All the dogs here are watching this guy drag this dog away. He wants to play.

She flattens recycled bottles in the kiln at her studio. But the recycling doesn't stop there. The way these wind chimes are made is music to any environmentalists ear. "I just have a vivid imagination and I make all these things from things that other people throw away," Davis said.

Davis has been a social worker, she's worked as a school psychologist, and she has traveled the world helping people. All the while she was taking courses in topics that peaked her interest. One of those courses ended up being art history.

"The shiny parts are what's called dichroic glass and it's special that glass that reflects and reflacts the light. So, it looks like it's in different colors," Davis explained. "My mind is always in all different places and I just have to continue to learn."

After taking a number of art classes, Maxine stuck with glass. She has been selling her items for the last nine years. "I usually have in mind already what I want to do," Davis said. "They all start this large and then you cut them up and use the different pieces for different things."

Things like draw knobs and pins. "These are little houses and they're made so they'll fit on your jacket or shirt," Davis said.

She certainly has her plate full. Oh yeah, she makes plates and bowls too. "When I say I make bowls, I make bowls," she said. "I have a good time doing it and liking it, and if other people enjoy it and like it, that's good."

You can enjoy Maxine Davis Glass Art by visiting her web page, stopping by her studio in North Ferrisburgh or seeing her work at the Shelburne Museum, the Montpelier Welcome Center and the soon to be completed Pierson Library in Shelburne. Her items can range from $15 to $600 dollars.

"It's a way to have a good time. I'll tell you, it's fun," she said.

Colorful glass creations from a senior who's always fishing for more knowledge.