MiVT: MTN Local Snowboards

ESSEX JUNCTION, Vt. (WCAX) In an industry that's always changing, MTN Local Snowboards is carving out its own niche.

"The tail shapes are different, it's like nothing you've ever seen," said snowboarder Seth Neary.

MTN Local Snowboards are the product of Max Holzman. He worked in the warranty department at Burton for a decade, has been to welding school, and has worked as a ski technician.

"I have a lot of industry experience. Snowboarding has been a baseline through my life," he said.

A snowboarder since the mid-1980s, Holzman got sick of the sport a few years ago. He started making POW surfers, which are snowboards without bindings.

"I made a couple of boards and rode them and got me reinvigorated with snowboarding," Holzman said.

He's been hand making snowboards out of his Essex Junction garage for the last three years. He lays the boards up like a traditional snowboard, puts it into a press that he built from scratch, cooks it and cuts it into shape before tuning and waxing it. Holzman uses wood laminate which is different than your typical ski or snowboard construction. It makes the boards more durable.

"It's not overstocked in a factory or warehouse. You tell me what you want and I'm building it for you," he said.

Neary was a pro snowboarder for 10 years competing on the World Cup circuit.

Reporter Scott Fleishman: Do you wish back then, you had a board like this?
Seth Neary: Absolutely... It's kind of like driving a high-performance car. The turning stability in these are amazing.

Since they are custom built, MTN Local Snowboards are sold online only. It takes between two to four weeks for Holzman to fill an order. His solid boards range in price from $450 to about $900. They've been sold across the country and have been used all over the World. Locally, Bolton Valley has been a big supporter.

Riders like Meghan Oliver have taken notice of Holzman's unique design.

"Every time I'm walking to the lift or in a lift line, they're like, 'Whoa what's that?' Just letting them know it's made here in Vermont, and I know that Max is super proud of that and so are all of us," Oliver said.

"It's a passion for me. I love snowboarding. I put my heart and soul into every board. I'm not producing something I wouldn't want to ride myself," Holzman said.

MTN Local Snowboards have invigorated a generation of riders. For them, it's all downhill from here.