MiVT: Nutty Vermonter

Published: Jul. 29, 2019 at 3:08 PM EDT
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For one woman to produce as much as she does out of her space in Morrisville is pretty nuts. Her made in Vermont snacks and spreadable food have been a healthy hit for more than a decade.

Kelly Davin found her calling nearly 20 years ago. "I feel like it was a gift -- this business," Davin said.

That business is the Nutty Vermonter. "That's almond, cashews, pecans, cinnamon -- everything I make is low sugar, low sodium and the nuts are raw," Davin said.

It all started 17 years ago when she took a class at the Vermont food Venture Center. One of the assignments was to make a product they think they could sell. Davin made maple/ginger-flavored nuts. "Brought them into class and that was a success. Went home that night and created the other two flavors," she said.

Those other two flavors, maple cinnamon and maple chipotle. The maple syrup comes from Brigham Hill Farm in Essex Junction.

"I've actually watched kids grow up eating my product and it's healthy and it gives me such a good feeling," Davin said.

It's a secret 24-hour process to give them their flavors. From there, she shakes off the excess sugar. Then, it's time to go through the nuts, looking for any broken pieces that will eventually be grounded into the nut butters. "I won't package broken nuts. I figured if I'm charging people $5 per quarter pound or $20 for a pound, I want them to be perfect, because that's what I would want," Davin said.

Davin first started selling her Nutty Vermonter products at the Farmers Markets in Montpelier and Waitsfield. Now it can be found at the Burlington and Stowe Farmers Markets. She's been selling her products in Stowe for about 15 years.

Reporter Scott Fleishman: They're curious. They want to know. They taste it and then you see their faces. That's got to be the best part for you.

Kelly Davin: That is the best part for me. At first you hand it to them and they say, 'What are you doing? What are you giving me?' Then when they taste it and they say, 'Oh my gosh, I love this, this is amazing.' That's why I'm here.

"The homepage of my website says, I am a one woman show and that it could take up to six weeks to receive your order. And people wait, and I love them for that," Davin said.

What else can you say? They're just nutty for the Nutty Vermonter.

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