MiVT: Piecemeal Pies

WHITE RIVER JUNCTION, Vt. (WCAX) On a research trip to the United Kingdom, Justin Barrett discovered pies in the U.K. are as common for meals as sandwiches in the U.S.

"It has a lot of cultural and traditional ties to New England, as well," Barrett said.

Barrett trained with British chefs and now he's brought that education to White River Junction, where he opened Piecemeal Pies.

"The atmosphere is wonderful. Justin's amazing to work with. We've got a great crew going on now," said Josh Brown, who works at Piecemeal Pies.

One of the main meats used here is rabbit, purchased from local farmers.

"They are just the most sustainable form of protein," Barrett said.

His best-seller is a classic rabbit and bacon pie with pork and caramelized onions and prunes for $13.

"We have people that are hesitant to try it, but then our staff tells them about the local fresh ingredients and they give it a try," Barrett said.

Piecemeal Pies is celebrating its one-year anniversary. They say they were slammed over the holiday season, so busy, in fact, they had to take the first two weeks in January off to restock, refresh and get ready for year number two.

"I really feel like we've been embraced as part of this community," Barrett said. "Our regulars love us as well as people coming down to try something new."

"They're fresh. They're really tasty and it's a nice addition," Steve Canon said.

Piecemeal Pies gets a lot of takeout orders. Their family-style meat pies feed 6-8 people and if there is enough demand, Barrett says shipping overnight is an option.

"You can't get food like this anywhere else around here," Barrett said. "We shake hands with every farmer who comes in here and that sort of collaboration means that we can produce a really great product and you can get a $10 lunch and feel really good about it."

Unique pies with a British flavor that you don't have to wait a fortnight to enjoy.