MiVT: Pomerantz Cabinetry

Published: Jun. 15, 2020 at 3:51 PM EDT
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A Mad River Valley woodworker and his children put together DIY bird house kits for 5th and 6th graders this spring to give the students something to do at home. It also gave him something to do, since his cabinetry business was on hold during the pandemic. Now that restrictions are easing, the Made in Vermont company is playing cabinet catch-up.

It's back to work at Pomerantz Cabinetry. "Kind of jumping back into the projects that were partially done as well as finalizing the designs of new projects," said the company's Peter Pomerantz.

There are only a handful of employees on staff, but each one brings a unique skill set. "Ethan, right here, is assembling a solid walnut base. Chris is working on making some door stops -- adding the grooves," Pomerantz explained.

Pomerantz has his own unique background. Born in Chelsea, the former teacher for at-risk use took a job with a cabinetmaker after building his own house. "Being an apprentice with a master craftsman for a few years and really being able to learn the skill," he said.

He went out on his own about 13 years ago, around the same time his first son was born. What started in his North Fayston home eventually ended up at a shop in Waitsfield. "We're far from a factory, with just a handful of us here, but we're also bigger than one-person working out of their garage," Pomerantz said.

Pomerantz Cabinetry works mostly with contractors in Vermont and across the Northeast. Designers, clients and the contractors will meet in his Waitfield showroom to finalize the details of the project. "The little things of whether it's where you put your spices or where you want your trash to pull out, or maybe it's just the grain of the wood or the type of wood," he said.

Often the requests are for Vermont wood -- cherry used to be very popular. More recently clients want walnut and maple. It's not just the attention to detail that makes Pomerantz Cabinetry stand out, Peter says no two cabinets are exactly alike. "I'm not likely to get burnt out because literally every project is different. Each one of those little things creates a much better product," he said.

While there's still some smoothing out to do after the last few months in pause, Pomerantz Cabinetry proceeds with quality.