MiVT: Pure Energy Apothecary

Published: Jul. 30, 2018 at 2:04 PM EDT
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Back in 2010 WCAX produced a Made in Vermont on Carved Solutions, a soap business run out of the home of founder and Burlington native, Dawn Lancaster. Since then, Lancaster has has started another soap-related business and moved into a new space in Williston.

What you're looking at is a fairly new friendship, and while their bond may seem thicker than glue, they actually met over lotion.

Lindsay Kittell has had eczema her entire life. It's been extremely rough over the last seven years. "It's to the point where it was blistered and raw, oozing all the time -- really painful," Kittell said.

Back in February, Kittell walked into a Natural Provisions and took a chance on Pure Energy. Within a week, her eczema was gone. "It was amazing.," she said.

Kittell posted the before and after pics on Pure Energy's Facebook page.

"It makes us feel really good about what we do," said Dawn Lancaster, the product's creator. "To see the real life experience it definitely put us all to tears, because you realize something you created, changed someone's everyday life."

Lancaster decided to create

in 2012 as a tribute to her mom, who passed away back in April. Lancaster says he mother loved moisturizer. "It was a long process, because I really wanted to make something special," she said.

"The best way to use a product like this is after you shower," said the company's Morella Devost.

Along with the body lotion, there's body butter, soft scrub, bath crystals, lip balm, body and massage oil, and of course, soap. "They're triple-milled so they're like luxurious in feeling," Devost said.

They come in eight different scents and can be found all across the country. A small bottle of hand lotion costs about $5.

"The inspiration behind Pure Energy -- being a truly all natural product, a product that's made with ingredients you can actually read," Lancaster said.

Just by reading the look on Lindsay Kittell's face, you can see that Pure Energy is more than just a product. To her, it's a life changer. "I went to the beach and I didn't have a towel around my leg. I started wearing T-shirts in the summer. I've been able to go out and not have to worry about covering up my arms or shaking my hands and having a shirt over my hand," she said.

"We're bringing something that brings everyone joy and has access to," Lancaster said.

Body products, cleaning up the skin, but reaching the soul.