MiVT: Sarita's Bagitas

HINESBURG, Vt. (WCAX) "I like that you can put almost any food in them," Adeline Baker said.

Four years later, Adeline's mom is making those bags for everyone.

"They're sitting down to have something to eat, someone opens their lunch box and pulls one out, they'll look at them and I say, 'Hey! My mom makes those!'" Adeline said.

Sarita's Bagitas are the brainchild of Sarita Baker. They are reusable bags made with fun fabric and neat nylon lining the inside.

"I love products that are green but I also love things that look nice. And so I put those two things together and I think my product resembles that," Sarita explained.

Sarita also discovered that her bagitas make excellent travel companions. You've got things like loose car charger cellphone cords? Those can go inside.

"I just started to make bags for dance shoes, because I found a need for that," Sarita said. "For right now, it's going well."

The Bagitas are available in 10 stores and online through Sarita's website.

"It's like Mom's own little business and she doesn't have any workers and stuff," Adeline said.

Sarita hasn't hired any salespeople. She doesn't need them. Adeline and her two other siblings are promoting the bagitas just fine.

"I think there was a few kids that were like, 'Wow! I want one those so I can put my goldfish in that.' I was kind of like, my mom made that, so I was kind of like, yeah," Adeline said.

Mama's got a brand-new bag. Sarita's Bagitas are a colorful product with a green purpose.