MiVT: Twincraft Skincare

WINOOSKI, Vt. (WCAX) Soap makers are as busy as ever, including one factory that's cleaning up on business while keeping your hands clean.

Twincraft Skincare is responding to all requests in the state for soap.

"We're just loading up cars and driving them to food shelves, to the Foodbank to senior centers, to The Family Room in Burlington. Anyone who needs soap to serve their constituents, we're bringing soap to," said the company's Michele Asch.

Twincraft was founded by twin brothers David and Bob Asch in Montreal in 1972. They opened the Winooski plant six years later. Now, the next generation of the Asch family runs things. There's no longer a facility in Montreal, but they did open one in Essex.

"We have a lab that develops the formula. We have packaging engineers that develop the packaging. We then manufacture the formulas and when they go out the door, they're ready to be put on the shelves," Asch said.

But you actually won't see the name Twincraft Skincare on those shelves. All the products the company makes are for 150 brands throughout North America. "People are definitely using our product and don't even know it," Asch said.

Those products are sustainable and Asch says it was one of the first companies in the continent to push toward all natural. "When you're using a bar of soap, it's 100 percent soap. So, when you wash your hands for 20 seconds with soap, that's a highly concentrated amount of soap on your hands," she said.

The bar soap is produced at Winooski's certified organic facility. They take "soap noodles" from southeast Asia and add ingredients to make the formula, almost like a cookie dough. It then goes through the blending and milling process before being pressed into bars. "I think there's a real sense of pride at Twincraft that we are making a product that's needed," Asch said.

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, Twincraft was helping to provide soap for those who need it, partnering with nonprofit, Clean the World. They take soap waste and manufacture it into bars that are distributed world wide.

Twincraft says last year it donated 250,000 pounds of soap waste which was turned into 1.8 million bars. "It feels good to know we're helping people and helping the fight against the virus," Asch said.

A family-owned business with a mission as pure as the soap it produces, keeping our hands clean in an uncertain time.