MiVT: Two Sisters Mill and Mercantile

Published: Dec. 3, 2018 at 2:03 PM EST
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Seeing an empty storefront in Jeffersonville, a pair of Vermont sisters said so long to their long-term business plan. They moved right in and a year later are busy selling their Made in Vermont fiber products.


in Jeffersonville, Monica Case and Tamra Higgins are continuing the legacy left behind by their grandmother, Ruth.

"Even growing up, whenever I visited my grandma, she would be like, 'What's the project you're working on?'" Case said.

Case does the needlework. Higgins, who owns a flock of six Shetland sheep, enjoys spinning and felting their wool.

"I like working with the raw fiber," Higgins said.

The result are products of all varieties, from holiday items to soap sleeves and winter wear. What you don't see in the store however, are the sisters commitment to teaching others the craft, offering more than 30 classes over the last year.

"And it's all been done from people in the community who have been willing to come in and work with us," Higgins said.

Not only do Case and Higgins teach classes, but they have also opened up their store to other local crafters. In fact, there are 35 consigners in this store. Eight of whom are local farmers.

"It's an opportunity for people who have art, who are artistic and want to share what they do with the world, basically," said Carol Plante, one of the consigners.

"It's really created a sense of community with all the spectrums of wool fiber," Case said.

Case and Higgins also sell their raw fibers through their website. As far as their favorite products, it's anything they produce together.

"Tamra may crochet a bag and then I create the lining in the bag. Our most recent thing is the Christmas stockings, where I sew the stocking and she makes the cuff," Case said.

"Monica and I have grown closer the older we get and the thought of being able to do something of this caliber, of this importance to both of us is really special," Higgins said.

Picking up where grandma left off, building a business and bringing a close-knit community even closer together.

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