MiVT: Vermont Amber Organic Toffee

WHITE RIVER JUNCTION, Vt. (WCAX) It's not the first time we've heard this before -- a gift originally given to teachers, turns into a Made in Vermont Business. As Scott Fleishman shows us, this time it's toffee that tempts with unique sweet and savory flavors.

As a former educator and a trained pastry chef, everyday is a learning experience for Elizabeth Feinberg.

"It's kind of crazy. It's kind of fun. It's kind of daunting. It's all of those things, yes" Feinberg said.

She has been making Vermont Amber Vermont Amber Organic Toffee about three and-a-half years. We first met her about a year ago at the Woodstock Farmer's Market. "People are really excited. They ask you, 'Are you at Woodstock Farmer's Market?'" 'Why yes, I am,' Feinberg said.

She's now in all of the co-ops around the state, where the toffee goes for a retail price between $10 and $12. "Being organic gets me into stores that I wouldn't be otherwise," Feinberg said.

With a dozen regular flavors like salted sesame and coconut and tomato, she takes simple, organic ingredients and turns them into a sweet and savory masterpiece. She even recommends pairing her toffee with cheese.

Reporter Scott Fleishman: You wouldn't think about having cheese with toffee.
Elizabeth Feinberg: You wouldn't think about having cheese with toffee.

For example, she says Vermont Fennel Seed Toffee goes well with blue cheese. It fits on top, just like a cracker.

"It catches on, and you see it moves around and spreads out and it's kind of fun to watch it. I mean, on some level you have to please yourself, thereby pleasing everybody else," Feinberg said.

Her staff make toffee five to seven days a week at Vermont Amber's kitchen in White River Junction and on a typical day they're making about 100 pounds. "When you're messing around in your own kitchen, you're like, this tastes good, this tastes good, and so now that you know it tastes good, you've defined the audience for it," Feinberg said.

Vermont Amber -- organic toffee educating taste buds one piece at a time.