MiVT: Vermont Fresh Pasta

They've been keeping it fresh for a quarter of a century.

This Made in Vermont company takes just as much pride in its relationships then the pasta it produces.

This is what commitment looks like.

From the product...

"The textures and tastes are much different than a dried pasta," said Ken Jarecki, Vermont Fresh Pasta.

To the crew producing it...

"We're looking for people with drive all the time," said Craig Halley, production manager.

To the husband and wife who runs it all.

"It's pretty amazing and we're very proud of it," said Tricia Jarecki.

Ken and Tricia started Vermont Fresh Pasta 25 years ago.

"It's been a long time. All the way since 1992," said Ken.

They've been married for 38 years.

"People say how did you work together for so long every day, but we have a good relationship that way and it works well for us," said Tricia.

"Trish and I are here every day. She's on one end of production, I'm on the other, so there's a lot of interaction between us and the staff, so it's a very personal relationship that we have with our staff," said Ken.

They also have a great relationship with the state's specialty grocery stores and the 30 restaurants that serve Vermont Fresh Pasta.

"It's great to walk into a restaurant and see our name on a menu," said Ken.

"We feel like we make the best pasta product in all of Vermont for sure," said Craig.

Ken and Trish aren't lying when they say Vermont Fresh Pasta. They start fresh every Monday morning with orders placed over the weekend and by Friday, everything is shipped out.

"I get a phone call last night from a chef and he was looking for butternut squash and pumpkin ravioli. He said it was a last minute function that popped up. He needs it for tomorrow. So, I said 'OK, we're producing it today and he's going to have it tomorrow,' like that's fresh," said Tricia.

Vermont Fresh needs to be refrigerated and eaten within a week. Pasta consumed in the short term, the idea of two people that has made long term commitments in business and life.