MiVT: Vermont Lamps

COLCHESTER, Vt. (WCAX) Looking for a product to create and sell, one Colchester man saw a light at the end of the tunnel -- wood lamps featuring cool, colorful cutouts.

Peter Katz has an obsession -- light. "We have lamps all over our house," he said.

So it's only fitting that he created Vermont Lamps a year and a half ago. "This is my way of being able to fill a room with light while at the same time providing a nice cool ambiance," Katz said.

That ambiance could be crawling critters, a tree, or life under the sea. "We're turning out lots of different patterns, different sizes, different variations of the lamps, " Katz said.

That includes nightlights. Those retail for about $25. The small classics retail for $99, and the large classics go for $119.

Katz uses mostly birch wood, cutting the patterns with a 90 watt laser. From there, he glues on the mulberry paper, "with leaves embedded in it," he said.

He then assembles the sides and installs the LED bulb. "That's what I've been trying to capture my whole adult life -- trying to figure out a product that I can reproduce, that I develop and I design, that people want to buy," Katz said.

He has to rely on wholesale in order for his business to be successful. Vermont Lamps are currently available in 15 stores around New England, including right here in Vermont.

"I want to be able to have our lamps, nightlights and larger lamps in households all across the country," Katz said.

These Made in Vermont lamps are a pretty bright idea.