MiVT: Vermont Wood Art and Designs

CAMBRIDGE, Vt. (WCAX) A mother of two was inspired by her kids to try something new. That burning desire can be seen on her wooden bowls, boards and more.

Rebecca Davis has always enjoyed drawing, but just putting something down on paper started to lose its appeal.

"Having kids really inspired me to actually try something new, take a leap and do something different and try to find my niche a little bit," Davis said.

She started Vermont Wood Art and Designs two years ago, burning her outdoor scenes on bowls, cutting boards, utensils and more.

"I actually just got these in and I'm pretty excited for some wall hangings maybe," Davis said. "I think flowers tend to be very pleasing in a symmetrical way... trees are too. Trees typically have a symmetrical shape and the more symmetrical it is, the more pleasing it is to the eye."

Her favorite wood to burn is cherry, but she also uses maple and walnut. Some of the wood for her coasters come right out of her own backyard.

"So this is a basswood slab, which actually burns really easy compared to some other ones," Davis said." "The wood kind of already gives me an idea of what I want and I'm trying to anticipate what the grains are going to do."

It takes about a half hour to design bowls like these. They start at $34 dollars. She sells large bowls for $250. Small cutting boards start at $25. They can be found at a handful of shops across the area and at shows.

"I have my style -- the way that I work," Davis said. "I think just evolving and changing and trying new things. I think any crafter just does that naturally."

Thanks to her family, Rebecca Davis has found fun in the art of free-hand wood burning.