MiVT: WaterMusicArt Studios

Published: May. 25, 2020 at 12:09 PM EDT
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No matter how you spin it, a Bellows Falls artist's abstract work paints a picture of who he is behind the canvas.

Scott J. Morgan's most recent piece is starting to take shape. "The design that shows up is more important than the color," Morgan said.

This coming from a man who has some pretty colorful talents. He found a love of surfing while growing up on the beaches of central Florida and jams out when he can with his bass or harmonica. But ironically, it's the painting of abstract art where Morgan puts most of his focus.

"What I'm going for in my work is I want everyone to see something different," Morgan said.

His career started as a landscape architect, but it wasn't quite as a creative opportunity as Morgan thought, so he took a painting class at a community college. "And I saw this biker guy with earrings and tattoos and big muscles and he was just throwing paint on the canvas and I thought, that looks good," he said.

Morgan uses brushes, rags and rollers for the oil paintings, but he doesn't use as much paint as you'd think. And if you look closely, you'll see elements of landscape architecture in his work. "For years we did everything by hand and I would draw circles representing trees and shrubs, and it still happens. You can see all the circles. My muscle memory just wants to do circles," Morgan said.

After Morgan's daughter was born, he and his wife decided they wanted to move to a quieter area and it just so happened that his mother-in-law was running a B&B in Chester. So, the family moved to the area and Morgan rented out space for his Bellows Falls Studio. He's now been there for almost a decade.

"I love it. I really enjoy doing it. It's a meditation for me," Morgan said.

These days, Morgan's canvas is as abstract as his art -- from guitars to face masks. Since people aren't going out as much, work from Watermusicart studios can be purchased online. And with these paintings, what you see isn't necessarily what you get. "The design will completely change. I really want the clients or customers to have that flexibility as well in their home," Morgan said.

From surfing to harmonizing, in abstract painting, Scott J. Morgan has found creative balance.