MiVT: Windham Flowers

BRATTLEBORO, Vt. (WCAX) Plants are getting personalized homes thanks to one local woman. Her Made in Vermont creations are just one of many products populating her Brattleboro shop.

Welcome to Sally Winchester's clay cathedral of calm. "This is my favorite place to spend time -- the pottery studio," Winchester said.

She produces pots for plants. Different types of plants require different types of pots. "It is really important to have the right type of potting soil and the right depth of pot. The right dimensions of the pot," she said.

The plants and their pots are sold out of Sally's shoppe, Windham Flowers. "When we sell plants to customers we feel that it's incumbent upon us to provide really good information on how to grow it," she said.

"I've been coming here for ages. She does great work. There are some really interesting things here," said one customer.

Winchester doesn't just make and sell her own pottery, she also produces greeting cards, candles and jewelry. She's also working on her own line of soaps, lotions and lip balms.

"No matter what we're doing with other things, the flowers always come first. They always come first," she said.

But when it does get a little too hectic at the shop, it's always nice to head here. "It reminds me of when I used to do a lot of perennial gardening outside, just having your hands in dirt. It's not really that different, because in a way, it's dirt," Winchester said.

Winchester has three or four people on staff working on the pottery at all times. It takes about a week to finish a batch. Delivery is available locally and Sally gets customers coming to her shop from neighboring states. "There's a lot of people making pottery in New England, but I don't think there's anyone making pottery just for plants," she said.

And it's this silent studio that's the home for one of Sally Winchester's specialties.