MiVT: Wind's Edge Studio

HYDE PARK, Vt. (WCAX) A husband and wife bonded by the products they produce -- his Made in Vermont glass and her Made in Vermont crafts make one Made in Vermont story.

Theirs is a colorful marriage. "We do a lot of bouncing color ideas off of each other," said Matt Seasholtz, a glass maker.

"If I'm working on a piece and I'm stuck, I'll have him come and give me advice on a color or a pattern," said Marion Seasholtz, a quilter. "Quilting is satisfying because you get to deal with color and texture and pattern, and I get to combine all those factors into a finished piece," she said.

"Once you're making a piece -- once you've started -- you're in it until the end. You can't walk away from it and come back to it. It forces you to kind of finish things," Matt said.

They met nearly 15 years ago at, where else, a craft show in Massachusetts. Their booths were across from one another. "When I go to craft shows, I don't look that much at jewelry, quilts or clothing. I tend to look at the glass and the ceramics. I don't look that much at quilts and jewelry, it was strictly her," Matt said.

"I've always liked glass blowing and I collected glass, so we just started talking and one thing led to another and not long after, he moved to Vermont," Marion said.

They have separate companies under one umbrella, Wind's Edge Studio.

"A lot of what makes it work is that the particulars of what Marion works with, and the particulars of what I work with are very different. She doesn't have a furnace, but I don't have five sewing machines, but the general business is very similar," Matt said.

Products as vibrant as the union between this creative couple.