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Published: Aug. 27, 2018 at 2:05 PM EDT
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A Middlesex man's love of public art has taken a new twist. Last year we told you about DJ Barry and his efforts to promote kindness using art. Now he's taking his World Cow cut outs off the streets and putting them onto clothing that's Made in Vermont.

A leopard can't change his spots, but a cow, that's a different story.

A couple of years after artist DJ Barry started stenciling and painting cows, he decided to change the spots on the cows to reflect different continents and countries. Just like that, World Cow was born.

"There has been so many benefits including my daughter, she has basically learned the map of the world when she was two because she had a look at the World Cow," Barry said.

This Summer, he set a goal to learn how to screen print his World Cow. "I had no idea how to do it, figure it out. I bought a kit and that's when we started printing on clothes, which was a whole new experience," he said.

It took a bit of experimenting. "I've ruined every single undershirt that I've had," he said.

But Barry and his wife Cindy have now got it down to a science. Right now, they use what's called a plastisol ink. It never dries and it's pretty messy. "It helps to have a clean person and a dirty person," Barry said.

He recently reached a manufacturing and retail deal with the

. The shirts are $20 and can be made for custom orders. They're generally available in most sizes including a Gerber onesie. "It's never too early to start off somebody -- they're really cute," he said.

Next Spring Barry plans on bringing World Cow Apparel to one of the cabins at Camp Meade in Middlesex. Half of the cabin will serve as a studio, the other half, a retail shop.

"I grew up there playing paint ball when I was in high school down there and it's great to have that sort of connection," Barry said.

Connections are important for Barry, Cindy and World Cow apparel. Ten percent of their profits get donated to local nonprofits or charity. "The best part is we're with the community and that's what World Cow is all about," Barry said.

It looks like World Cow Apparel has mapped out a pretty good picture for itself moo-ving forward.

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