MiVT: Mother Myrick's

Published: Mar. 18, 2019 at 2:18 PM EDT
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In the late 1970s, a couple of retiring chocolatiers gave a Manchester man their buttercrunch toffee recipe and the rest is history. Today you can't go into Bennington County without coming away with this sweet treat that's Made in Vermont.

Tish Russell is taking advantage of the buttercrunch toffee sale going on at Mother Myrick's confectionary in Manchester.

"I have been known to buy a small box and actually eat the whole thing in one sitting," said Russell.

Buttercrunch toffee has been a staple of Mother Myrick's since the store opened more than 40 years ago.

"It's a nice, crisp, toffee-center dipped in chocolate, and we roast and grind cashews and almonds that we dip into after it's been dipped in chocolate," said Jacki Baker with Mother Myrck's.

This is where the buttercrunch and the rest of Mother Myrick's chocolates and cakes are made. They moved into this location about 20 years ago and convenient enough, it's about five minutes away from the shop.

"When we make buttercrunch, we probably do like eight to 10 batches a day," said Ron Mancini, who started in 1977 by selling fudge out of a little booth on Main Street. "I was blessed with good teachers who shared their buttercrunch recipe, truffle recipes, caramel recipes, and that's how we grew the business."

Once the items are prepped -- including butter from Cabot -- it takes about 40 minutes to make the buttercrunch. They have 90 seconds to spread and cut the toffee before it hardens.

"The beautiful thing about candy making, whether it's making chocolate or caramelizing butter and sugar, the candy retains its mystery, so every batch has a slightly different component to it," Mancini said.

"By us being able to reach people outside our borders, we're bringing that added value to the consumer throughout the country and to some places throughout the world," Mancini said.

Their buttercrunch comes in milk and dark chocolate. A seven-ounce gift box costs about $20. A one-pound gift box is about $40, and it's about $73 for a two-pound gift box.

Tish Russell's 10 boxes are going to a friend in Massachusetts. "They do have some great products and the buttercrunch is outstanding," she said.

Buttercrunch that has kept this business sticking around for over four-decades.