Vice President Mike Pence departs from Vermont

Published: Sep. 3, 2018 at 4:34 AM EDT
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Vice President Mike Pence's vacation in Vermont is over.

Air Force Two took off Sunday afternoon from the Burlington International Airport.

"I thought that was pretty neat," said Brenda Wells of South Burlington.

Sunday afternoon, Vice President Pence's motorcade journeyed to the Burlington International Airport, drawing a crowd of onlookers hoping to get a glimpse.

"It was awesome," said Noah Waters of Underhill.

Pence arrived in Vermont Friday for a weekend getaway on Lake Hortonia in Hubbardton.

Some of his temporary neighbors were proud to know they were staying within shouting distance of Pence.

Other Vermonters took to the lake to protest the vice president's visit.

Sunday's return trip to the airport did not draw any protesters. Locals who came to see the vice president left with a story they can tell for years to come.

"I think he clearly waved at me," said Waters.

Before Air Force Two took off, Vermont State Police appeared to gather for a photo op next to the jet. State police were pressed into duty over the holiday weekend, securing Pence's camp and blocking off roads for his motorcade.