NY police ask public for help tracing missing skier's journey to Calif.

 Constantinos "Danny" Filippidis
Constantinos "Danny" Filippidis (WCAX)
Published: Feb. 14, 2018 at 11:25 AM EST
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New York State Police on Wednesday urged people not to jump to conclusions in the case of a skier who went missing on Whiteface Mountain and was found a week later hundreds of miles away in California.

The weeklong search for Constantinos "Danny" Filippidis, 49, a firefighter from Toronto, started last Wednesday when the Toronto man didn't return after a day on the mountain in Northern New York; it ended Tuesday in Sacramento, California, after Filippidis called his wife and then police.

"The investigation as to where Danny was has been initiated," said New York State Police Maj. John Tibbitts In a press conference Wednesday afternoon.

Reports from CBS13 Sacramento say he was carrying credit cards and $1,000 cash. He got a hair cut and bought an iPhone.

Filippidis called his wife from Sacramento International Airport where she asked him to call 911. It's unknown why Filippidis was at the airport, because he told Sacramento authorities he made the journey by 18-wheeler.

"He's telling us that he really doesn't have a clear picture of anything that's happened in the last six days, and we have no reason to not believe him at this time," Maj. Tibbetts said.

Filippidis was checked into Sacramento's Hospital after reporting he had struck his head while in New York. He has since been released and on his way back to Lake Placid. There, police hope to interview him to find out what happened.

New York State Police want to hear from anyone who saw Filippidis between February 7th to 13th. A new picture of him taken of him Tuesday show he is still wearing his snow gear. "If we could have somebody call that can prove that they actually met Danny on his journey across the country -- I mean that would be a tremendous help to us," Maj. Tibbetts said.

Right now police say they don't believe Filippidis committed any crimes. They hope more details will come to light about his mysterious cross-country journey after they speak with him, possibly as early as tonight. "Right now we can't rule out anything because we haven't interviewed him. Anything is possible to speculate at this point would be irresponsible at best," Maj. Tibbetts said.

Although the search at Whiteface involved at least 140 people every day for over seven days, police say they do not plan to bill Filippidis for those costs.

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