Montpelier cleans up after second water main break

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MONTPELIER, Vt. Crews worked throughout the day, cleaning up roads covered in a thick layer of ice and slush. People who live in the area are under a boil water notice.

Mounds of snow, slush, and ice were removed from the streets of Montpelier.

"I didn't realize how much of an affect until I got here," said Rebecca Harrison, CCV student.

A water main break Saturday morning closed down at least 5 streets in the heart of Vermont's capital. City residents like Mia Moore, say the city should have done more to alert people.

"It would be helpful if there was an automatic alert," said Moore.

The city posted about the water main break early Saturday morning,but did not mention road conditions or that many businesses and the farmer's market were forced to close for the day.

Montpelier's city manager understands people's frustrations, but says the Department of Public Works has worked quickly to remove the ice and slush.

"We're frustrated too, we're on top of it, doing the best we can," said Bill Fraser, Montpelier City Manager.

Nelson Street was where the first water main break occurred Saturday morning. The water then traveled down, flooding downtown.

This is the second big water main break for the Capital City this week. Another break, at Elm and Spring Street, shut down roads and prompted a boil water order Tuesday.

The city called the repair work extensive. With three breaks within one week we asked the Dept. of Public Works if the city's infrastructure is failing.

"The pipes were built in the 70's, meaning they are nearly 50 years old," said Tom McArdle, Public Works Director for Montpelier.

The city says the current freeze and thaw cycle is mostly likely the cause of this break. But, it says the water break earlier this week could have played a part in triggering the one today due to a build up of pressure.