Montpelier skate park gets a facelift

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MONTPELIER, Vt. (WCAX) Concerns from parents led to renovations at the Montpelier and Barre City Skatepark.

Some parents contacted the recreation department who echoed worries from their children about the condition of the skate park. They said rusted out or broken equipment kept skateboarders away from the park.

There was a problem with funding since most of the initial equipment had been donated to the park. But the recreation department was able to make the necessary replacements thanks to funds set aside specifically for the skate park.

"We always plan in our budget to have some money in there for the skate park every year but a lot of that goes to maintenance, so that's the challenge and it's also getting ideas from the actual skateboard community," said Arne McMullen of the Montpelier Recreation Department.

The next rec department meeting is Nov. 12. Skaters and parents who attend the meeting can lend their opinion on additional equipment options.