More members of the Vermont National Guard are headed south

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SOUTH BURLINGTON, Vt. More members of the Vermont National Guard are headed south.

20 soldiers including pilots, crew chiefs, and mechanics are joining medical and communication soldiers in the Virgin Islands. They are flying down with 2 black hawk helicopters to perform search and rescue missions, along with aiding in clean-up and disaster relief.

Major General Steven Cray says the medical team down there already has been very busy, supplying medical support to anyone who needs it.

“They're responding in direct support for a call from the Governor of the Virgin Islands that say, we need help.” Cray said.

20 soldiers have already left, but there are additional Vermont aviation soldiers will be arriving in a few days; including Staff Sargeant Thomas Jaggars.

“You're trained for this, this is what we do, we train for medi-vac missions, we train for rescue missions, we train for going down and helping people, that's what our mission is. It's exciting for me, I mean it kinda stinks leaving your family behind, but your family understands, they know why you joined, they know why you're doing this, to help other people.” Jaggars said.