More than 500 dead of coronavirus in New York

Published: Mar. 27, 2020 at 4:07 PM EDT
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As COVID-19 continues to spread all across the country, the number of deaths in New York is up to 519. And Gov. Andrew Cuomo says those numbers will continue to go up.

Friday, he said the number of hospitalized patients in New York increased by 40% in one day. He said they think the state's apex could come in 21 days, and they're ramping up hospital capacity to be ready for when it does come.

Cuomo visited the Javits Center to see the temporary FEMA hospital built in the state's continued effort to combat the coronavirus health crisis. While there, he spoke to military and first responders about their fight against the virus.

"The rescue mission is to save lives. And as hard as we work, we're not going to be able to save everyone. And what's even more cruel is this enemy doesn't attack the strongest of us, it attacks the weakest of us. It attacks our most vulnerable," said Cuomo, D-New York.

Cuomo said he's asking President Trump to authorize four more temporary hospitals. His goal is to have one in each of the five boroughs.

New York has more than 44,000 confirmed cases.