Prosecutors name suspect in Hinesburg murder

 Angela Auclair and Kory Lee George
Angela Auclair and Kory Lee George (WCAX)
Published: Dec. 11, 2019 at 11:53 AM EST
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We now know who police believe pulled the trigger in the killing of David Auclair last July. Court paperwork reveals Kory Lee George, Auclair's stepson, was the one behind the murder. But it was George's mother who was in court on Wednesday, claiming she had no part. Our Dom Amato was there and breaks down the story for you.

David Auclair's wife, Angela Auclair, 47, of Bristol, pleaded not guilty to two felony charges, including aiding in the commission of first-degree murder. Prosecutors say Angela participated in a plan with her son, Kory Lee George, to kill David Auclair.

Angela Auclair now sits in prison, accused of playing a role in an elaborate plot to kill her husband. Police say it started when her son, Kory Lee George, stole a gun from a family friend who was out to eat with David and Angela at the time. Cellphone records show the mother and son were in communication around the time the gun was stolen.

The next day, investigators say the stolen gun was used to kill David Auclair at a trailhead in Hinesburg.

"Short of knowing who actually pulled the trigger, it's probably the biggest thing they have," said Brian Miller, a former lieutenant with the Vermont State Police.

Miller is a former commander of a major crime unit within the state police. He says in a case that involves burner phones, cellphone location tracking, surveillance video and accomplices, all it takes is one misstep for the suspects to be caught.

"They thought they would cover their tracks, and it appears that it actually exposed them and gave them more exposure than if they had done different things," Miller said.

According to court documents, the gun used in the murder was found in a nearby creek close to the Auclairs' home. That led to police connecting the dots to the burglary of the weapon. And cellphone records obtained by police help paint a clear picture of who was where when.

"People watch a lot of TV and they think if we do this and we're not in the location, we're not going to be found," Miller said. "But they don't realize the other thing they do is going to expose them."

While police have made a big break in the murder of David Auclair, the family says it's still a tough situation and nothing to celebrate.

"People are excited that this is happening, but there's nothing good here," said Melisa Semprebon, David Auclair's sister.

Semprebon wants her brother to be remembered as a kind man who would do anything to help others.

"He didn't have a lot but what he had was available to anyone that needed it," she said.

In court Wednesday, prosecutors indicated another arraignment related to this case is happening Friday. Chittenden County State's Attorney Sarah George's office said she will not comment until that arraignment is over. At this time, no one will say on the record who that arraignment is for but court records indicate it is Kory Lee George.

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