NH Army National Guard unit prepares for upcoming deployment

CONCORD, N.H. (AP) More than 100 Army National Guard aviators, crewmen and support personnel from New Hampshire, Michigan and Ohio are gathering in the greater Concord area and Lakes Region to train for an upcoming deployment to the Middle East.

The New Hampshire Army National Guard's 238th Medevac Company is focusing on the transport and medical care of injured personnel. The gathering starts on Monday.

A total of 13 HH-60M Black Hawk helicopters will be in operation rehearsing day and nighttime medevac scenarios. The HH-60M is the U.S. Army's newest and most advanced medical evacuation helicopter.

The deployment will be this fall.

Since 9/11, the New Hampshire National Guard's medevac component has accounted for multiple combat and humanitarian tours in the Middle East, Eastern Europe and Latin America.

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