N.H. Gov. signs law to help first responders

BURLINGTON, Vt. (WCAX) Governor Chris Sununu officially signed his support for a new driver card.

It's designed to bridge a critical communication gap between first responders and people who are hard of hearing or don't understand English.

You can keep in your car, so you have it in an emergency.

People can communicate through pictures. For example, a trooper can point to what they're asking for like a driver's license.

In turn, you can point to what you need to best communicate, like having an interpreter or hearing aid.

New Hampshire State Police Captain Jeffrey Ladieu, who is part of the New Hampshire Commission on Deafness and Hearing Loss, says the card can improve public safety.

"In a dynamic situation where seconds and minutes matter, if you can establish and identify and be aware of what is actually taking place and who you're dealing with, you can render aid much safer and much more efficiently," Cpt. Ladieu said. "Because if there is any convoluted scenario or there's confusion because of how this person is reacting or not reacting, it could be believed that this person is being passive-aggressive or just not compliant to whoever they're dealing with. This doesn't necessarily have to be law enforcement. This could be an ambulance, this could be any type of the first responder. This could be fire rescue, this could be EMT."

You can grab one of the cars from public service buildings across the state including county Sheriff's offices, State Police barracks, DMV buildings, and hospitals. You can even download the card by clicking this link.

An important note -- these cards were paid for by private organizations not taxpayers.