NH Maple Producers Assoc. awards top sugarmakers

NORTH WOODSTOCK, N.H. (AP) The New Hampshire Maple Producers Association has given its trophy for the best syrup made in the state to the Atkins Family Sugarhouse in Washington.

Atkins came in second place last year for the Carlisle Award.

Entries are judged by density, clarity and flavor. The award's named for Lawrence A. Carlisle, a commissioner of agriculture in the 1920s and 1930s, devoted to the development of the maple industry in New Hampshire and best known for introducing the maple grading system.

This year, second place went to Charlie Hunt of Hunt's Sugar House in Hillsboro; third place to Pat and Miranda Colby of Maple Ridge Sugar House in Loudon; fourth place to Matras Family Farm in Pittsfield; and fifth place to the Larry and Jeff Moore of Windswept Maples in Loudon.

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