NH oil companies flooded with customer calls

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CONCORD, N.H. (CNN) Despite the ongoing cold weather in New Hampshire, there's no shortage of heating oil. However, some homeowners looking to have their oil tanks filled may have to wait up to two weeks for a delivery.

Oil companies have been inundated with calls from homeowners seeking to have their oil tanks filled. At Halle Oil, in Manchester, New Hampshire, managers said drivers haven't had a day off in weeks. Halle has an answering service that absorbs the overflow calls, but at Rymes Propane and Oil in Concord, customers started to get scared.

"Both numbers say they're not in service, we know they're here," said Jessica Robinson of Rochester.

So Robinson drove an hour to get answers in person. Her father is a will-call customer and is running low on oil.

"They said they are overwhelmed with the amount of calls coming in," she said.

Rymes said their phone lines were simply overloaded.

"If there's 35 customer service people in and a bunch holding, the hold times have been about 11-10 minutes. And you can email us as well," John Rymes said.

Rymes said the company has plenty of oil and 100 trucks out on the roads making deliveries.

"The status is we're out delivering oil and propane all weekend," Rymes said. "We're caught up on all our automatic deliveries. We are out a couple of weeks for will call customers."

The dangerous and ongoing deep freeze is prompting government officials to take action.

"One of the first things that we did was make sure we could loosen regulations to make sure we could keep drivers on the road to make sure that citizens have the availability for oil, heating oil," said Gov. Chris Sununu, R-New Hampshire.

Rymes says one driver worked for 22 hours last week making deliveries. They also say there is something you can do if your oil tank runs dry.

"You can always go to a gas station, make sure the gas can is empty, put diesel or kerosene in and put it in your tank and that will get you through till someone can come deliver to you."