NH voters turn out for local races

CLAREMONT, N.H. (WCAX) Tuesday was Election Day for a handful of cities in New Hampshire.

That includes Claremont, where city council and the mayor's seat are up for re-election.

Claremont saw a 25% overall voter turnout.

Though, like several council seats, the current mayor, Charlene Lovett, is running unopposed. Lovett says taxes are a concern for local residents and urged voters to keep economic development in mind when they headed into the polls.

"We are doing a lot to attract businesses so we can increase our tax base, increase the value of the city. These are all important things, so economic development is a critical component to how we are moving forward," said Claremont Mayor Charlene Lovett.

A new law in the Granite State tightens voting requirements. Voters now have to prove they are residents in order to cast their ballots. The law is being challenged in the courts. Opponents say it unfairly targets college students and essentially amounts to a polling tax.