Nail bling: Extravagant, on-trend, impractical

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NEW YORK (CBS) Every few weeks, Liz Mina heads to Jenny's Spa in the Bronx to get her nails done. But this isn't your average manicure.

"Everyone knows you are fabulous just by your nails," Mina said.

Mina was inspired to bling out her nails when Cardi B burst on the scene. The rapper is known for her extravagant nail designs.

Jenny Bui is the mastermind behind Cardi's creations.

"Bling. A lot of bling," Bui said.

Bui created the nail look for Cardi's Grammy appearance and for her Pepsi commercial that aired during the Super Bowl.

The bling manicure has exploded in popularity. A search on Instagram will turn up millions of over-the-top styles. Elite Daily Style Editor Theresa Massoney says it sends a message.

"Manicures are a new way for people to express their creativity," Massoney said. "So with this trend especially, I think people are finding this as a way to showcase their fun personalities."

Mina admits the extravagant look isn't exactly practical.

"Eventually you will stab yourself in the eye once or rip a pair of stockings," she conceded.

But she's happily adapted to the long nail lifestyle.

"Awesome. Super-awesome. You are just strutting and it just gives you an extra confidence boost and it makes you happy," Mina said.

Nothing like some bling to add a little sparkle to the day.