National Life launches on-site employee health clinic

Published: Apr. 24, 2018 at 4:59 PM EDT
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The National Life Group has launched a health clinic at its Montpelier office, offering health services to all of its employees.

CEO Mehran Assadi says the life insurance company is looking to promote the health and well-being of its employees, which will help keep them happy and productive at work.

The clinic will be staffed by a physician assistant and medical assistant and overseen by Cigna Onsite Health. The clinic will offer preventive health care, as well as acute health needs that may arise. Mental health services are also available.

"This health care center is about preventative care. This health care center is about helping us to live our lives positively and also improve our living and lifestyle," Assadi said.

Gov. Phil Scott, R-Vermont, says the health clinic aligns with the state's health care goals.

"The focus on health prevention and wellness is clearly aligned with the direction we're heading in as a state and has the potential to lower costs while improving outcomes," Scott said.

The physician assistant at the clinic will be able to write prescriptions as needed for employees.