National Weather Service workers unpaid during government shutdown

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BURLINGTON, Vt. (WCAX) It's day 24 of the government shutdown and Congressman Peter Welch says more than 1,300 Vermonters are working without pay because of it.

The National Weather Service is responsible for sending out severe weather alerts like wind chill advisories and storm warnings.

Those workers are part of 800,000 federal employees who are on the job, but not getting paid.

However, we're told they're still working hard. As storms continue to hit across the country, advisories are still going out.

"The accuracy of the Nation’s forecast model is maintained to the same standards as normal. The majority of the National Weather Service staff continue to work to produce the quality weather forecast for which NWS is known, and the resources they need to perform essential operations are being provided," said Julie Kay Roberts, an NWS spokesperson.