Need flowers for mom? Curbside pickup has you covered

Published: May. 7, 2020 at 5:19 PM EDT
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Candace Covell, Shelby Benoit and Lori Covell of Exotica Flowerz have been extremely busy getting flower orders out. The week of Mother's Day is always very busy, but for this shop, it's been busier than usual.

"I have only been here a few months and it is an amazing amount, an immense amount of people sending flowers, lots of thank you's for even being open to deliver these or to be able to pick them up for their families that they can't see," Benoit said.

During this pandemic, Exotica Flowewrz is one shop participating in curbside pick up. Order your flowers online or by phone and then when you show up at the shop someone will come out wearing gloves and a mask so you can still get them to mom this weekend.

"So far, we've already had to put in an order for tomorrow because we are literally out of stuff already. It's great!" Candace Covell said.

Sue Mackey of Rupert has three sons. One works at a nursery that is also delivering and offering curbside pickup.

"They always buy flowers, every year. Usually, tulips or something and I plant them for the next year," Mackey said.

Sean and Liara Foley are happy they were able to order flowers. The siblings usually get their mom flowers, chocolate and treats. They were considering giving their mom flowers from the yard before learning they could order flowers to pickup.

"A lot of people call and say they tell their loved ones that they probably won't get flowers this year because of the epidemic going on and they say that they are going to be really surprised because they are going to send them flowers. So that makes it nice," Lori Covell said.

Bouquets to make smiles bloom this Mother's Day weekend.

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