Neighbors wake sleeping family in Barre house fire

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BARRE, Vt. (WCAX) A Barre family is safe after their neighbors helped rescue them from a burning building Saturday.

While winding down Saturday, Sara Reardon noticed something odd. "I went outside to shut my lights off and noticed an orange glare," said Reardon.

That glare was coming from her neighbor’s house across the street from her home in Barre. The home's porch was in flames. Reardon called for her husband, Shaun.

"He just sprang into action," said Reardon. She says she watched as her husband grabbed a fire extinguisher and ran across the street and started knocking on doors and windows.

"I was kind of scared, kind of nervous, but I knew the fire wasn’t where he was," said Reardon.

The couple noticed everyone made it out of the burning building, except for one family -- a mother and her three children.

"She wasn’t answering the door so he was about ready to kick it in," said Reardon.

The woman was asleep inside. She woke up and opened the door and Reardon's husband ran in and grabbed her kids.

"I was waiting, wrapped her in a blanket and brought her. Then he had one of the newborns in his arm with a car seat and then she came down with the other new born," said Reardon, who brought her neighbor into their home to keep her warm as fire crews arrived on the scene.

Fire officials say that if the Reardons didn’t run into that building and save the mom and her kids there might have been a different outcome.

"Five more minutes or just calling 911 and sitting across the street and waiting for the fire truck to come would have been the difference in those people making it out of the building or not," said Barre Fire Chief Douglas Brent.

Reardon and her husband say it’s all part of being a good neighbor. "I know someone would have done it for us too," Reardon said.

Chief Douglas says the fire was caused by a cigarette that was left outside, damaging the porch and side of the house. He says the apartment had working fire alarms, but they did not go off because the fire was outside. He called the Reardons heroes for what they did.