New Hampshire boy in need of kidney finds a match

CLAREMONT, N.H. (WCAX) We recently told you about a 9-year-old from Claremont, New Hampshire, in need of a kidney donor. Shortly after our broadcast, the little boy got the call he had been waiting for: doctors had found a match. Our Adam Sullivan has an update.

When Nymen Koch received the news that there was a much-need kidney waiting for him in Boston, he felt a range of emotions.

"I didn't really want to because the surgery that I got my kidneys out hurt a lot," Nymen said.

Emotions shared by his mom who had been carting him hundreds of miles a week for dialysis because of a disease that ultimately took both of his kidneys.

"I was scared, I was excited when they called, I didn't believe it was actually going to happen," mom Debra Chapman said.

The surgery to get the new kidney lasted eight hours. But after it was over, doctors were almost immediately touting its success.

"They say they usually don't produce urine for about 7 to 10 days but his did 15 minutes after," Chapman said.

Nymen has been on the mend now for several weeks.

"I tried to walk as much as possible because that is what they wanted me to do and drink as much as possible," he said.

Nymen has a long road ahead. His anti-rejection medication means he is susceptible to all kinds of illnesses.

"They have him on so many meds that it makes his immune system low," his mother said.

But this community has his back-- something that was apparent as Nymen waited for a match. The family does not know who the donor is and, unfortunately, the new kidney will not last forever.

"They said that it will last until at least his 40s. And then he will have to be back on dialysis again and the whole process all over," Chapman said.

In the meantime, this little boy gets his life back.

Reporter Adam Sullivan: What is your message if you could say something to the person who donated the kidney?
Nymen Koch: Thank you.

And the community continues to rally around Nymen; a fundraiser is taking place this Sunday in Claremont at the Time Out American Grill to help with his mounting medical bills that are in the tens of thousands of dollars.