New Hampshire confirms identity of suspected serial killer

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CONCORD, N.H. (WCAX) A major breakthrough in a New Hampshire cold case that dates back to the 1980s. Friday, the real identity of a murder suspect was revealed.

Terry Peder Rasmussen-File/1985

This case was called one of the most unique in U.S. history by the FBI. It dates back to 1985 in Allenstown, just outside of Concord, and involves four still unidentified homicide victims-- an adult female and three young children.

Earlier this year, for the first time, we learned details and saw photographs about the person identified as their killer. He was previously known as "Bob Evans," and is also the suspect in the disappearance and likely murder of a Manchester, New Hampshire, woman in 1981.

Friday, we learned Evans' real name is Terry Peder Rasmussen and he was born in Colorado. Authorities were able to identify him thanks to DNA obtained from Rasmussen's now adult-child. Rasmussen died in prison in 2010 where he was serving time for a separate crime.

We still don't know who the identities of the woman and three children found dead in Allenstown.