New Hampshire police battling uptick in bath salts cases

CLAREMONT, N.H. (WCAX) We've spent a lot of time covering the opioid crisis and its effects on our region, but opioids aren't the only drugs that have police concerned.

Police in New Hampshire say bath salts, a synthetic stimulant, are an even bigger problem than heroin.

Police officers from around the region held a press conference Monday in Claremont announcing that a variation of bath salts called "alpha PHP" is now classified as a controlled substance in the Granite State. The classification comes after the federal government did the same.

Police say they are dealing with bath salts on the streets every day but up until now, they have not been able to prosecute.

"They result in aggressive behavior, confrontational behavior, delusions, making people-- themselves and their interaction with other people-- very unpredictable and dangerous," said Marc Hathaway, the Sullivan County attorney.

Other variations of bath salts are already listed as a controlled substance. Law enforcement officers say that adding one more to that list not only will help put criminals behind bars but will also encourage more people to seek help for their addiction.