NH senators question FEMA's quality control measures after faulty PPE reports

Published: Jul. 3, 2020 at 9:13 AM EDT
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Several Democratic senators want answers after reports of faulty personal protective equipment being sent to nursing homes in New Hampshire.

"Of course, you know, this is not good because you can see there's a lot of air that's gonna be able to get there," said Brendan Williams, the president of the New Hampshire Health Care Association.

Williams says FEMA sent nursing homes gowns without openings for hands, extra small gloves and face coverings not fit for medical environments.

He likens the gowns to garbage.

"For us, it just seems symbolic. We've been treated like garbage by the federal response throughout this entire crisis. The emphasis has been on hospitals. Nursing homes have been neglected, even though nursing homes have been hardest hit by the virus," said Williams.

Democratic senators are asking FEMA for a long-term plan to get more PPE to nursing homes. They also want to know if the agency has quality control measures in place.