In the Garden: New plant ideas for 2020

Published: Feb. 14, 2020 at 6:58 PM EST
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It is still very, very cold! But with March right around the corner, it's time to start planning your gardens! Last summer, Charlie Nardozzi and our Sharon Meyer went to Pleasant View Gardens in Loudon, New Hampshire, where they display new varieties of plants that will be available for the first time this spring. Here are a few new flowers you might want to add to your landscape this year!

Sharon: So, we're all planning our gardens now, but it's always nice to put something new that you haven't seen before in your garden.

Charlie: Ah! And I have some ideas for you!

Sharon: I'll bet you do!

Charlie: Well let's start with salvia. Everyone loves salvias!

Sharon: But there are new ones.

Charlie: Yes! Salvia is a great pollinator plant, and there are these new ones that are almost like landscape plants! They almost look like little shrubs! It's all called the "Rockin" series. We have "Blue Suede Shoes," which is a nice deep blue color.

Sharon: You've gotta love the names of these things!

Charlie: There's "Rockin Deep Purple," which sounds like a deeper purple because it looks like that. And then there's "Rockin Fuchsia." You can see that all three of these plants are big plants. They have beautiful flowers that pollinators love. They'll flower all season long as long especially if you dead head them. They're really nice ones to have in your landscape.

There's also the Euphorbia series. The Euphorbias have become very popular, especially these types, because they are very airy and delicate. And they have a nice trio of them, showing the old ones and the new ones!

Sharon: And the new ones are getting thicker!

Charlie: They are getting thicker. You have Euphorbia "Mountain," which is the one that has the fewest flowers. Then there is Euphorbia "Frost." That one looks a little better. But then there's the newest one out, just this year, Euphorbia "Snow." You can see it has a ton of flowers. And in fact, they're not really flowers! They're bracts, because Euphorbias are in the same kind of group as the poinsettias. When you see a poinsettia with all of their color, those are bracts not flowers.

It's kind of a nice group to have in a container, in a garden where you want a little airy-ness. It adds a little lightness to your garden.

Sharon: Now those yellow ones are new, too, aren't they?

Charlie: Yes, those are Gaillardias which are a native plant, but these have been hybridized. This is the “Heated Up” series! So this is “Heated Up Yellow” and the other one, the sister of it is “Heated Up Scarlett.” You can see they have big flowers. They flower all season long, so these are more of an annual than a perennial flower. Some of the Gaillardias are perennials that will come back year after year. These are not like that. But they will flower all season long. So they are a beautiful ones to have in a hot spot where you can really enjoy the bright colors!