Cuomo takes aim at Trump for failing to coordinate testing

Published: Apr. 17, 2020 at 10:03 AM EDT
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There was a war of words on Friday between President Trump and Gov. Andrew Cuomo over what help the federal government is providing to the states.

Cuomo said New York could not fully restart its economy without more testing capacity, which he says needs to come from Washington.

President Trump was apparently watching and lashed out at Cuomo on Twitter saying, "We have given New York far more money, help and equipment than any other state, by far, & these great men & women who did the job never hear you say thanks."

Cuomo-- still in his press conference-- responded.

"And let's show gratitude: How many times do you want me to say thank you? I'm saying thank you for doing your job. This was your role as president," said Cuomo, D-New York.

The president noted that the federal government had built thousands of surge hospital beds that Cuomo asked for but have not been needed. Cuomo countered that his requests were based on White House projections for how bad the outbreak would be.

Despite another 630 people that died of the coronavirus Thursday, New York state continues to see what appears to be a flattening or even a downward trend in cases. Cuomo said the total number of hospitalizations is down, even as the confirmed total death toll soared to 12,822.

When asked what kinds of businesses will be the first to see an easing of restrictions, Cuomo said "we're not there yet."

Under guidelines announced this week by Cuomo, everyone must wear a mask or face covering when in a public place and unable to maintain appropriate distance from others. Children younger than 2 and people with a medical reason why they can't tolerate a mask are exempt. The rule takes effect at 8 p.m. Friday.

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