New details on man accused of threatening North Country town

PLATTSBURGH, N.Y. (WCAX) We are learning more about the man charged with threatening a North Country town.

Our Kelly O'Brien has been digging through court paperwork and found out this isn't the first time Dominic Rainey has made a threat against someone. The 29-year-old is said to have made terroristic threats against a community.

A Snapchat from Rainey that surfaced on Sunday said in part, "S*** like this will make me the greatest mass murderer the world has ever seen." Later in the chat, he said, "The more they lie the more I want every male dead. Saranac is on my list now."

That call out of Saranac put the school district on alert, but an investigation by state police, local law enforcement and the Clinton County Sheriff's Department found no threats to the public's well-being.

This isn't Rainey's first run-in with the law. Court documents show he has two other misdemeanors against him.

One was in June of this year for attempted assault against his roommate. That roommate also asked for an order of protection from Rainey and said that he threatens him all the time.

Another incident was in April of this year for criminal mischief after Rainey allegedly damaged a window at the Green Room nightclub. The club's bouncer said Rainey "made the motion of hip firing an assault weapon saying, 'I will kill you, I will kill you.'"

Rainey is due back in court next week.