New effort to honor veterans in the North Country

PLATTSBURGH, N.Y. (WCAX) The town of Plattsburgh and Clinton Community College have teamed up with the American Legion and Veterans Affairs in an effort to bring more pride to the town by honoring vets.

The plan calls for building monuments on Crab Island and rebuilding the former Plattsburgh Air Force Base fueling docks. They eventually hope to bring vets out to the island on boats to visit the graves of more than 50 veterans from different wars.

"After 203 years, it's time that we all get together in the North Country and right this wrong of not recognizing these vets on this island. So that's what this project is all about and it does my heart proud that it's going to get done and things are happening now," said John Rock, the president of Friends of Crab Island.

There is no deadline for when this project will finish up.

The group also hopes to create a New York state veterans cemetery.