New numbers on the safety of Vermont drinking water

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MONTPELIER, Vt. (WCAX) New numbers came out Monday on how many public water systems in Vermont have been tested for PFAs.

The Department of Environmental Conservation is still waiting on lab results from about 60 percent of the state's public water systems. Our Kiernan Brisson has an update from the DEC on the holdup.

The DEC says testing labs equipped to test for PFAs chemicals have been backed up due to a large number of testing requests from multiple states across the U.S.

But the Vermont DEC says they can draw some conclusions from the data they have collected so far.

They've received about 42 percent of the 700 required test results, which comes to around 300 water systems. Out of that number, only a few systems have shown contamination levels above the required amounts of 20 parts per trillion, and the DEC is taking it as a good sign moving forward with water system testing.

"We've only had three systems that have actually gone above the standard, so that's very encouraging. So we are seeing contamination, but it's not widespread. We're hoping that trend continues," said Ellen Par Doering of the Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation.

Par Doering noted the three locations with high contamination levels were not locations they expected, in fact, two of the three locations were extremely remote and away from areas where PFAs contamination is more likely.

For now, the DEC is optimistic about incoming water lab results.