Newport police look for tips on anniversary of cold case

NEWPORT, Vt. (WCAX) A Newport man is still searching for answers after his father was murdered more than four decades ago.

Robert Fisher was beaten to death 41 years ago today. His death certificate shows he died from head trauma from a 1976 "barroom brawl." No one was ever arrested for the murder.

After reporting on the case last year on WCAX, the prosecutor says one person was interviewed. And police say they were able to extract audio statements from old evidence.

Nothing panned out and they have no new leads.

Fisher's son tells us he's frustrated and believes authorities aren't doing enough to find his father's killer.

"You cannot possibly say that a meaningful investigation is to talk to one person in the course of a year on a homicide investigation. I'm hurt really offended. I'm angry. I don't understand how that's okay. Or why somebody would pick one case to spend a lot of time on and not another. And why isn't this one good enough,” said Pierre Capron, victim’s son.

Newport Police continue to ask the public for tips.