No movement on Chief Greylock statue

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BURLINGTON, Vt. (WCAX) A wooden sculpture and landmark in Burlington is rotting from the inside out.

After a month of deliberation, the city of Burlington is still not sure what to do about the Chief Greylock statue in Battery Park. They ran a 3D scan to determine the extent of the damage, but the city still hasn't determined what to do.

There are some options on the table-- salvaging it by gutting it, cleaning out the rot and fixing it. That would preserve the structure for another ten to fifteen years, but the city has still not decided whether to put the plan into action.

"I wish we had a final decision. The question still is how rotten or how strong is it and do we really need that added support system," said Margaret Skinner with Branch Out Burlington.

The Burlington Electric Department is ready to install a utility pole to support the reconstruction of the sculpture but they still need the go-ahead from the city parks department.

We reached out to the parks department and city arborist but they declined to comment.