Noise concerns near the UVM campus

Published: Oct. 20, 2019 at 8:07 PM EDT
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Burlington Public Works is apologizing for noise concerns near the University of Vermont campus.

Some residents are complaining about what they describe as a deep buzzing sound. It is coming from a project rehabilitating the water storage tank on the UVM campus. Public Works officials say they didn't think the vacuuming noise would travel beyond the immediate area but say neighbors are reporting it is.

The 500,000-gallon tower built in 1954 provides the drinking water for the Hill Section of Burlington.

"In order to get the pressures that people want to see in the upper elevations, we have to pump the water from the reservoir to these elevated tanks. So by pumping that water way up in the air, we're able to provide the pressures they need in the homes, in the hospital at the 5th floor and at UVM. We're trying to be a sensitive as we can be, but it does need to be done," said Steve Roy, Burlington Water Resources, Senior Water Resources Engineer.

We asked neighbors on Colchester Avenue if the sound bothered them and most told us they hadn't noticed. Patients at the UVM Medical Center have also not complained. Officials say the phase of the project causing the noise should be finished by Tuesday.