Not slowing down on dreams

BRANDON, Vt (WCAX) With a smile, a wave and a song, sixty-three year old Victor Gittens is keeping the spirits of drivers upbeat during a time when their speed is slow.

"That is why I do that," Gittens said. "Those people will wait twenty minutes and when they pass me, those people feel good."

Despite the singing and dancing, Gittens takes his job very seriously. In fact, he's produced a CD titled, "The Smiley Flagger."

"Everyone who is in construction should have one of these CDs, because it teaches you what safety is all about," Gittens said." As a song writer, I get to put everything into song."

Gittens has been writing songs ever since he was a teenager growing up in Barbados. He had a hit song there in the 1970's called, "Oh Babe."

Growing up in Barbados wasn't easy for Gittens. He says that his father abandoned him and his mother was poor.

"You didn't have the finance to do what you wanted to do," Gittens said.

Victor performed on cruise ships. He met his future wife on one of those cruises. The two moved back to her home in Vermont eighteen years ago, but things took a turn. When they separated, Victor moved into a friend's home in Salisbury.

"When you go through hardships, it causes you to think more," Gittens said.

The separation, coupled with the loss of his mother several years ago has caused Gittens some internal gridlock, which is ironic considering he controls traffic for a living.

"I try to keep it all inside of me and don't let it affect me and my work.," Gittens said.

The one thing stronger than Gittens' vocal chords, is his faith. He continues to pray that one day, he'll catch his big break.

"Anything I want, I ask for. I asked for this situation. It didn't come at the same time, but it came, because I asked for it," Gittens said. "I know I've got the talent. I've got the music. I've got the song, the voice, to reach where I want to go."

Cars in Brandon, that have been waiting in line, have a place to go. Gittens is helping to guide them there. Holding the paddle, is truly the one time of day he feels in control. Maybe that's the real reason Victor Gittens is such a happy flagger.