Officer attacked and cut during arrest

Published: Sep. 30, 2017 at 9:26 AM EDT
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A Burlington police officer suffered a cut to his hand while trying to make an arrest on Saturday morning.

Police were called to the area of Church and Main Street around 4:40 Saturday morning. Police say when they arrived, they saw 41 year old Jason Breault yelling and waving a knife.

Officers convinced the homeless man to drop the knife, but as they moved into make the arrest, Breault fled the scene. He got as far as City Hall Park when he was brought down by officers. During the struggle, Breault pulled out a second knife and cut one of the unidentified officers on the hand. It was a minor injury. Breault was eventually arrested.

Since December of 2016, Breault has been charged with twenty nine crimes including aggravated Domestic Assault and Driving while License Suspended. He also has multiple arrests for violating pre trial conditions of release. Breault is being held for lack of $750 bail and will be arraigned Monday.