Officials criticize developer over beleaguered Burlington project

BURLINGTON, Vt. (AP) Burlington officials are frustrated with the developer behind a stalled downtown redevelopment project.

Developer Don Sinex said earlier this month that he had all the necessary requirements for a foundation permit but that the majority partner of the project, Brookfield Asset Management, had blocked him from submitting documents. The $225 million CityPlace Burlington project has been hampered with delays since its inception.

Councilman Dave Hartnett says Sinex should've disclosed the problems with Brookfield from the beginning. Hartnett added that Sinex "blatantly lied to the residents of Burlington" when he blamed delays on city officials.

Councilman Max Tracy says project delays have hurt local businesses and residents. He believes the city should put "additional pressure" on the developer.

The redevelopment will include office space, apartments and retail.

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